Monday, May 11, 2009

X to the A through the G

How much time do we spend 'working'?

No, not that conversation (about 20 minutes a day) -- the other one. The opposite one. Like 100 hours a week.

Think about it.

You have to be there from X toY. You got to wake up at W. You have to spend time driving home till Z. You have to go to bed early -- at U-- just so you won't be tired. You totally didn't E-mail that packet your boss specifically asked you to E-mail yesterday and you spend all of R worrying about how fired you are when you go in the next day. And you can't unwind from work until Q. Not to mention dealing with coworkers outside of work (that's J), working overtime (alot of V), and time spent complaining about work outside of work--or T. That's a load of B. S.

It's bullshit.

Meghan has it probably worst of all right now. She goes right from gay-day work to gay-Phillies work and doesn't get back until wayyy late. Props for earning that money babe to support my drinking habits. And I do understand that is a total stress inducer and non-fun-inizer. So I bear with you and accept your 'fists' of fury once in a while. (We need to start working out together, you punch like a girl)

It just ain't my cup of tea. In fact, instead of taking a second job I've decided to cut out my one job. Namely A & E. It's just getting in the way of my life. It's like, c'mon, I need to catch a beer at 9 am on a Tuesday and play video games but I'm...working?


Or let's try this one on for size -- an all-night binge fest spills over into the next day and we want to drive to Tiajuana and buy hookers and cheap Mexican guns on a Thursday morning (1 pm)? Can't do it guys. I'll be at work.


Yo dude, we were walking by Wendy's and a half pound of pot and an all-new never-before-scene season of Planet Earth HD just fell off the back of this truck and we're gonna spend 14 straight hours and journey through it....

Uh-oh, A & Fucking E.

I quit A & E. It's really cramping my social life. I need a life. I need to live. I need to breathe. I can't be shackled up in this nothing but work bullshit. I'm a man. I'm an American. I refuse to waste away. I will fight the powers to be. Slavery has been abolished by my ancestors and by Christ, I'm going to do something about this modern-day slavery.

I'm going to live.

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