Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lava Ocean

So I'm falling asleep on the ride home in the car and listening to my new All That Remains discography. You know, standard metal MO -- pretty repetitive song structure w/ heavy everything followed by badass breakdowns and some hot double bass fun and blazing-nonsense twin guitar solo's.

Well I'm listening to what should otherwise be bruising my eardrums with brutality and I'm falling asleep. No big deal, I figure it's like when an alcoholic drinks half a bottle of Jack and gets bored hanging out and drives home. Well as you're falling asleep there's this I'd say 1-2 minute window where anything you listen to gets really god damned big and epic. Any more time than that and you're... fully asleep. And then you're only getting vague, fuzzy half-nightmares about whatever the lead singer is growling on about. In that 2 minute span it's like you're on nature's drugs.

It just so happened I timed this one perfect. I was (nature's) high as shit.

All That Remains - Regret Not

So I shuffle my All That Remains playlist and I'm starting to drift off looking out the car window and acoustic guitar picks into my brain and I'm like "All That Remains own acoustic guitars?" I figure it's one of those 2 minute acoustic segue ways between songs. So I'm drifting off, half in some magical land where trees are telling olden tales and my eyes are closed and I'm about to go off and the guitar is closing in around me like the branches of all these trees so big and then-- Metal kicks me in the fucking mouth.

But that's it-- it didn't really wake me all the way. Just brought me to one of those "I hear the alarm clock but I'm refusing to actually 'wake up' and turn it off" deals.

Old In Flames-esque.

I don't even know what I was fighting in that half-sleep. But I sure was fighting something. And I was winning. I was flying along at 35 MPH over Morris Rd on some mighty steed vanquishing traffic, and then I was cutting through red lights at 45 MPH, slicing in and around cars at 65, spiraling through vortex of blurry car tail lights and headlights at 100, diving headlong over a cliff, the wind rushing through my face, hurtling into an ocean filled with lava, bracing for impact--

And it slides right back into the woods, and I'm walking along real slow and the trees are deep on either side closing in until everything goes black. And somewhere in here I fell back asleep. So I'm not sure how fast my mom was driving home to tell you the truth but I know for a fact there aren't any seas of lava near my house--just some Molten Funk (Lol jkjkj BFFaeae!!.) So yea, somewhere before that.

And yea, I woke up and listened to it 3 more times and it was (luckily) still awesome. And I've listened to it two more times since. Definitely a good one. Definitely fell asleep at the right time.

And when I looked it up on youtube it even had the video synched up with a scene from the movie 300. How can you go wrong with that?

You can't.

PS - Check out All That Remains - We Stand for a hot 'regular' one of their songs. And I'm downloading the new Tortoise album right now. Oh boy.

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