Friday, May 15, 2009

Get a LOOK at THESE prices!

Are you blind?

Do you read my blog daily and think "Gee, I'd rather look cooler and be reading this badass blog with sunglasses. Ones just like all the other famous blind people I emulate wear."

You're in luck!

I've recently discovered a web site where you can log on, check out some cool specs, and order to your front door some very reasonably priced hot 'legally blind' commodities!

Go ahead, live it up! Act now and buy the UV Dark 4% with the slide-shield. Hurry up! The next time you're driving around you'll be the envy of all your blind friends in these babies. Oh wait a minute -- it says here:
Not recommended for driving.
100% UV Protection.
100% Blue Light Protection

Damnit. Well at least you can still look cool around the yard. Well browse away my blind brethren and keep this in mind while you're deciding which style looks like it fits you best-- you only live once.

So go ahead, spend big $! You don't want to be the only one of your blind friends that got the 'lower end model.'
I mean, it's only $65! Wowzers!

NOIR Technologies claims that if you see their for-blind products for a lower price somewhere else they'll match you and give an extra 10% off.

Eye guarantee!

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