Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bleu Cheese Good

It is the gift from the gods.
It is the choice meat of yours truly.
It is mouth-watering deliciousness.
And only two animals have to die for it.

The Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak.

Chicken--that oh so man-made beast of the rarest and least easily duplicated taste
Buffalo--the right breed of buffalo yields the tastiest spice that one can add to any meal.
Roll-- Amarosso does it right baby.
Cheese--what doesn't this ecoutremont taste like gold on? Well, gold for one. But not many foods.

If you combine them at the right temperature, and add the seasonings at the exact right moment, all while killing the chicken in the right way (under the full moon), and blending them semi-circular in motion you have the end result of lucious, healthy unmistakable man-made joy.

And to boot a few healthy fun facts about Buff Chix Chs:
-high in vitamins
-enhances hand-eye
-zero calories
-purifies your liver


That's what's up. You add just a little bleu cheese (I get mine on the side so those fascists don't drench mine) and you're talking serious awesome. There are such things as mediocre Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteaks but never 'bad' ones.

Live it up America. The land of the free. The land of the brave. The land of the Buffalo Chicken Cheese.


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