Monday, April 27, 2009

Real Life v. Fake Life Round 1

Yes, the Flyers lost and I shaved.
Yes, the Penguins will get killed soon and I'll enjoy it.
Yes, it was like 90 degrees today and that's awesome.
Yes, we were up 6-2 the other night in Men's League and lost 7-6.

These are all simple facts. Easy. Regular. Part of life.

What's not part of life is Ibanez's grand slam tonight.
It's Matt Walker's broken finger.
It's me buying a charger at the T-Mobile store on Chelten.
It's Jamming in DC as part of Uranium Bassment.
It's driving stick shift in my car and loving manual transmissions.
It's free tuna hoagie's from Chubbie's.
It's the fact that this auto-dictionary doesn't have the word 'hoagie' in it.
It's wanting to become a chef in my life when I can barely cook toast.
It's starting to take protein and starting to work out so I look like Fabio.
It's me thinking about it, should I do it, growing my hair out.
It's going to the Russian Circles concert tomorrow night. Maybe.

Real life is one thing.

What's not real life is another.

Got it?

It's acutally quite simple.

Or maybe they're all the same.

I forget sometimes.

I think I'll get a motorcycle.

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