Monday, April 20, 2009


It's 4-20 Yo

Gettin Baked
Rippin a J
Puffin Cheeba
Smokin the Ganja
Hittin the Hash pipe
Partaking in botanicals
Packin a bowl
Lighting up a fatty
Smokin Dope
Ploughing through the Drug Milky Way
Peace Pipe play time
Tokin on the bong
Crushin herb
Jumping on the Highway
Investigating a hit
Hotboxin without the box
Getting stoned and Bowled over
Refueling the Marijuana gland
Keiffer Smokerland
Joyriding the Magic pipe
THC Time
Diving into the high geyser
Smokey and the Bandit one less bandit
Moking Smarijuana
Procuring goods and services
Journeying to the Center of the Earth
Getting ready to watch Planet Earth
Sudden (Hunger) Valley
Getting ready to get ready to get the munchies
Letting your lungs know who's boss
Filling out an Rx for Red Eye
Sending smoke signals
Sparkin some bud
Shotgunning some Leaf
Doing illegal activities
Turning water into wine into marijuana
Praising the Lord of Greenage
Going to "WaWa"
Saying no to sobriety
Getting like the barometric pressure after rain
Letting combustion take it's course on drugs
Joining the Purple Haze convent
Living underwater but instead of water it's smoke
Convincing your brain and pretending to smoke tobacco
Getting ready to praise the Holy Spirit if the Holy Spirit were pot
Watching music videos on youtube for hours
Taking a really really long shower and almost falling asleep
Watching Last Action Hero because the remote is like, totally, all the way over there
Eating a bowl of cereal at midnight
Hookah brother up
Blazing one

Whatever you wanna call it, man. It's like totally what I'll be doing to celebrate (one day in the next few weeks or months or so)

Blaze on, pothead.

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