Thursday, April 16, 2009

Carcillo Supsended

Dan Carcillo suspended for Game 2. Why?

Intimidation tactics and "trying to send a message."

The NHL is a joke. Gordie Howe would punch the NHL in the mouth. The Rocket would slash the NHL in the eye. Rick Tocchet would have sex with the NHL in front of a full-length wall mirror.

Pretty much anyone who's played in the NHL up to 15 years ago would club the NHL's mother over the head with a rock and then mount her and point to the NHL's dad and tell him 'he's next.'

It's sad. And it makes me more and more bloodthirsty.

Does Carcillo look like a Flyer?
He's only been here for a month or two and already he's getting 'Flyer for Life' treatment by the refs and NHL brass.

If this 'wussification' of the NHL keeps up I might have to take up watching Curling (Germany won and I so bet on it on ESPN Streak for the Cash.) Or I could take up murder.

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