Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When can i move out?

No seriously, when do you think, blog?

I'm not like a teenager having a bad day or anything. In fact, I'm pretty comfortable at home and it's a pretty good day and I wouldn't want to move out today at all. I'm literally just wondering. Yea, I cleaned my room last night. And by cleaned I mean started to organize the piles. If I had my own place all of my clothes would magically be in their proper drawers, they'd fold themselves, and I'd have some sort of mystical new device that collects 'dirty clothes'. Pfftt, yea, right.

Sure I'll admit it would still be a mess. And I could probably only afford a shithole. And no, not like a shitty apartment, I mean probably a shitty closet-sized room that doubles as a bathroom/kitchen connected to another room that doubles as a bedroom/living room. In Germantown.

Hmmm, Germantown I could find some cheap stuff. Walk to work. Grow in the community of my darker skinned brethren. But I think I'd need to not have car payments. And school loans. And insurance. And bills. And holy damn this is awesome! I found Mastodon doing a cover of Metallica's 'Orion.'


That will make your day. Wow, this is badass. Anyhow moving out is totally my next step. I'm so close. I figure I'll move out and get a real start on my life. Start saving children from drugs, starting charities for all sorts of support groups, curing diseases, and buying more than one kind of beer at a time. Really maturing and shit.

It's not long now before I'm drinking beer under the first floor tenent's porch in my own house. I'll be chillin it in no time. Then everyone can visit me. And I can make my own rules. Seeya soon new house. 2011 here we come!!!!!!!

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