Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So THIS is what blogging feels like

So this is what blogging feels like? Not bad. Pretty white. And blank. And big. Little bit of arm room in here. Some room to 'kick it' as the kids say. Hmmm, it needs something. Some music first.

Grand Funk Railroad - Feelin' Alright

Much better. As you can tell I'm feeling funky today. Hence the blog name.I think I'll copy and paste my favorite poem, too. I'm not really up-to-date on what 'the kids' are doing in these things nowadays.

The Flow
It can’t stop, won’t stop, never lets you go.
It’s liquid molten magma funk.
It grabs your jazz and it swings your things,
The sound won’t turn off, it keeps on burning.
It’s icy cool exterior with a fusion flow and
it’s alive inside and down with the jive.
A tune white-hot, that’s impossible to stop,
it flames your heart, it keeps getting hotter.
It drips out beneath bass string boogie and
seduces the slender saxophone solo. Just
slip your feet into the groove of the beat
and the sky goes awash in a tumb’lin sea.
It’s down, it’s up, it’s swimming in your soul.
It’s a jagged, jaded, jilted jam.
It’s deliciously sweet, off-time rhyme and
nothing of this earth could ever hold it back.
You’re dancing; you’re on fire
You’re motion lyrical poetry
It’s got you good and—
—then the music stops.
~Nick Capozzi

Oh, did I mention my favorite poem is by me? There are plenty more of these absolute gems at www.nicksworks.com , my perpetual work-in-progress. Slash not-work-in-progress. Well I posted. I don't think I'm going to even tell anyone about this blog. That way, by the time I'm famous or in jail or a big youtube star in the future people will have countless entries to delve into my past and entertain themselves for several months straight through.


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