Thursday, March 26, 2009

21 Factilicious Facts

It was a facebook fad a few months ago or so and I thought about it but never actually did it. Too much like work. So I'll do it here in the world of blog--where work is carefree and actually fun for everyone!

I play bass sober better than I play bass high

--2. I was a child genius prodigy that aced every standardized test, took college-course testing (and did phenomenal), and received bling-bling in all sorts of scholarships and awards in gradeschool.

--3. I stopped getting smarter and smarter and probably stayed about the same once I turned 13 (and discovered beer)

--4. I was in the speech and debate club, film club, and Italian club freshman year HS

--5. I wore headgear to first grade. The next year I wore braces. Then I wore a retainer.

--6. My 2 favorite things in life--music and hockey-- didn't have any part in my childhood: My dad randomly got me a hockey stick for Christmas at age 13 (Koho, all wood). And around then I finally listened to and bought my first CD (Third Eye Blind - Self-titled)

--7. I punched a black kid named Marcus on Souder St growing up but then a bunch of other black kids punched me and I cried while Dan Huhn held back Winston (Brett's dog).

--8. I've never seen Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, or The Sound of Music

--9. I used to go archery shooting alot as a kid, as my uncle owns an archery and gun shop.

--10. I watched my grandmother die in the hospital and I happened to be listening to Metallica - My Friend of Misery. That bassline still gives me a really weird feeling.

--11. My oldest stuffed animal is Leo the Lop(-eared rabbit). I got him at age 2. Still have him.

--12. I got caught laughing in class when my teacher was lecturing about the Holocaust. I was in the front seat and when he turned at me and yelled "YOU THINK IT'S FUNNY 6 MILLION JEWS DIED?!?!" I couldn't help but think how ridiculous it was to laugh right then. And I couldn't stop laughing (but not at the Holocaust itself)

--13. I shampoo like once every 9 days.

--14. I watch a minimum of 75 Flyers games a season (out of 82)

--15. I wasn't allowed to watch the Simpson's growing up. I'm still not allowed.

--16. Joe Satriani - The Chords of Life was playing when I went for a walk one December night about 7 years back and my life totally changed. I had a spiritual experience I still can't explain. I haven't been afraid of dying since.

--17. My first Men's League Championship party at my house is where I definitely destroyed the most brain cells in one sitting in my entire life. The Men's League Championship T-shirt is still one of my most prized possessions

--18. I feel a calling to live by the sea and learn to surf.

--19. I have probably actually done less homework and more last-minute bullshit projects than anyone you know who says "Yea, I like totally didn't study alot or do any of my homework." Honestly.

--20. Whenever a teacher or adult yelled at me when I was little I used to just stare at the space between their eyebrows and see if I could see unibrow traces and act like I was making eye-contact.

--21. I fall in love all the time.

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