Friday, July 10, 2009

Wide World O Nick

it's been days on top of days since i've blogged. Here's the latest in


I ran over 4 miles yesterday.
I've been listening to alot of metal lately--
opeth, metallica, lamb of god, all that remains, etc
I've been obsessing over the Flyers n 'Prongs' all week.
I decided to start collecting other-team NHL jerseys--
------starting with a hot #9 Bobby Ryan (Cherry Hill what-what!)
I want to put on my boxing gloves tonight.
I'm writing this and listening to Uranium Bassment--
------Alexis on drum, Ben on Guitar, Me on the large-mouth fish
I've jammed w Hexxus and Gradford Branberry this week
I totally worked less hours than my girlfriend this week
I really like our song I'm hearing now. Black Precedent 02-1
I was told I'm paying rent in my own house on my B-Day--
------March 6, $200 / month
I really really need to do laundry.
I think I could harness the power of the sun to lift a charter bus--
-------filled with fat retards.
I'll prob play COD4 before I run in an hour--
I'll only use stab and grenade. No guns.
I think I do alot of the same thing over and over.
I've been wondering about the msytery of death.
I've been wondering where ear-wax comes from.
I've been wondering if the 2 are related.
I think Pronger is going to kill someone--
I just looked it up--the authentic Ryan jersey--
------cost $330ish
You only live once right?
I wonder how long I'll grow out my hair....
I think I'm sorta addicted to twitter--
Wow, I love Uranium Bassment.
My next blog is going to be about Uranium Bassment.
Or Darren Puppa.
I think the Phillies are awesome.
I am excited by almost every Phillies game--
------that's tough to do.
This team has the right stuff though.
I want to score an Utley (inside the park homer)
I want to get blood on my jersey this Sunday--
------at hockey.
I still haven't seen the movie Sunshine I bought 3 months ago.
I think I'll work out till I'm bigger than Chris Czech--
-----and gayer (just kidding)
Time to get my 'shit' together.
By shit I meant 'do something else'.
Fuckkkkk w a name on it, it's $380.

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