Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ron Hextall

I've decided I'll make this exact post over and over, again and again, because the world needs to see this. So if you miss it today-- don't worry, check back in a month and I'll post it again. If I haven't already.

You can't ask yourself "Who" Ron Hextall is. One can only ask 'What" a Ron Hextall is.
And this video is the closest thing to summing up his career.
It is the closest you can get to 'defining' a Hextall the way Hexxy 'defined' Philadelphia.

It's the passion. It's the rage. It's the underdog. It's the throwing everything you got at them (including your waffle board). It's taking no prisoners. It's sticking up for your teammates. It's flashing the leather. It's stirring the pot. It's rising to the occasion. It's about living over the edge. It's about being the first goalie to score an actual goal. It's about changing the way the game is played today. It's about hard work and a blue collar. It's about challenging everyone. And everything. It's not backing down. Not even to the Mighty Oilers.

It's heart.

I watch this video once a week and every time I still get chills. I still get that smile on my face when he's chasing Penguins Bobby Brown.

He was my first ever favorite athlete and my first ever sport jersey. I still wear #27 with pride. And I'm pretty sure once I put it on I can do anything.
To anyone.
Who skates off-sides into my zone.
After elbowing my teammate and injuring him from the playoffs.



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