Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Primal Grooves

i was searching youtube for some sweet-ass bass and/or drum jams and i happened upon a real gem. one of those low-down grooves that soaks you all the way to your toes and you hear it echo in your head, in your fingers, in your dinner and in every other song you hear.

you have to go back and listen to it even if it means risking further addiction to the song. And i did. And it did.

and it was enough to drive a man mad...... or write a poem.

so i listened to this song on repeat like 400x while i wrote it and edited it. to get the full effect you have to open the song up and listen while you read it. they just 'have' to go together for some reason. give it a shot.

(couldn't figure out how to get it to open in new window, right-click and do it yourself)

Sei Bass Jam

Primal Grooves

yes, the subject is fresh.
yes, it leaks out of skin.
-it branches itself out.
.it comes from within-

until this whole tree-
until these veins whole-
blend in \ to one earth
bleed in \ to one girth

a tone, like our sun,
bright woven jaden silk-

-hiding under in-time,
skewed all in off-rhyme-

the low-down grunge "growl".
decibels, dripping on down.
Listen these sounds full-swell
of the color brown.

it is what it will was--
cooling hotness gone 'wry.
fingers rip harmonic vines,
tearing up in frett'd lines

the oct*ave power 8,
blue shift: to s l o w down time.
love lost's lusts create.
nature's thump, a groove divine.

it reaches branch to branch
swinging tendril till enhance
the core. the breath. the dance.

you groove 'full in
you groove 'half out
don't stop. don't think or care.
do it with unwavering flare_

[it's alive. it's inside.
glowing growing groots]
it's spiral-synapse shaded green.
this vel-vet touch, yet still unseen.

eternal unconstant,
the black behind our space,
a million heartbeat journey,
this call: to 'Funkin' bass--

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