Thursday, February 11, 2010

new gig

Sometimes i think everything is fine. And sometimes i feel like i need a new gig.

is it weird i feel like i should have been famous?

i'm not sure how. or why. but i can feel it in my bones.
i should be the one on tv.
i should be the topic of discussion.
i should have my own clever t-shirt slogans.

things i could be famous for:

-rock star
-Truman Show (you're all watching MY life)
-invent an infomercial product
-spokesperson for infomercial product
-badass athlete
-silent athlete
-4th string quarterback (NFL)
-really good at chess.... and banging girls
-terrorist hunter
-super villain that never dies and is integral to the show
-date celebrity
-made for tv movies
-got off for murder because i'm white
-hold my breath for 10 minutes
-owns 5,000 snakes (appear on oprah)
-am god.

again, i don't know what i was meant to be-- but chances are it could have been one of them. i need to look into it. i just never seem to have the time.


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